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How to Get the Background Object Name

Question asked by 4107b40832216fb13c30d8c1dc243cba on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by EricNash
I am creating an HTML script which will list me all the defects raised by a particular user. In order to do that i am first creating table for all the fields i am using like below: 

                table.setCell(row, prefix + 'Project', story.Project.Name);
                table.setCell(row, prefix + 'FormattedID', link);
                table.setCell(row, prefix + 'Name', story.Name);
                table.setCell(row, prefix + 'SubmittedBy', story.SubmittedBy);
                table.setCell(row, prefix + 'Owner', story.Owner._refObjectName);
                table.setCell(row, prefix + 'Tags', tagnames);
                table.setCell(row, prefix + 'Notes', story.Notes);
When i use the below query, 
query: '( SubmittedBy = "name@company" )' , the results are not getting pulled from Rally. 

 Also, when i use the below query,
query: '( State = Closed )' , the results are not getting pulled from Rally

 I went through all the documentation in Rally and couldn't find out any solution. All i want to know is, how are these objects referred to in the background(In UI its shown as "Submitted By"). UI name is different than that of element name. I need to know how all the objects are listed. Is there any documentation which lists all the names which are used in Rally.

Appreciate any help on this.