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Rally Query for retrieving all user stories that were created by me

Question asked by yanof01 Employee on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by EricNash
I would like to have a list of all Rally user stories/features/epics that were created by me.
How can obtain such a list from Rally?

I am looking for Rally work items (user stories, features, epics, defects, etc..) that I have created.
I am no longer the owner of these work items.
I have prepared multiple work items in Rally.
I didn't receive any email during the creation of these work items and I have lost track of these work items.
Should I keep my own list with the id of each user story that I create?

It seems that the “Stories by Creator”  App is showing only user stories that are assigned to a specific release.
Could it be that there are user stories under my top level project that are not associated with a specific release ( “roadmap” user stories )?
Can I specify “any” release at “Stories by Creator” App– to get user stories that are not associated with a specific release?
It would be helpful to have a similar App (like “Stories by Creator” ) for presenting Epics, Features or any other work item that is managed by Rally.
Any idea what other work items are managed by Rally (except for user stories, features, defects and epis)?
Is it possible to receive an email notification for every user story that I create in Rally?
This would allow me to keep track of the items I create.