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Regression Test Suites

Question asked by 83823f2ce6d91ee3a30a3da4280ce77d on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by SeshVeeraraghavan1363555
Does Rally support the concept of a perpetual regression test suite and if so, how?  By this I mean a regression test suite that can be executed each "construction" sprint, during a release's hardening sprint and then embellished with last release's new features and carried forward to do the same in the next release, the following release and so on.  The regression suite is a "living' test suite so to speak.  I'm principally concerned with managing the part of our regression we handle via manual execution.  When we adopted Rally two years ago, the Sales and Implementation techs indicated Rally did not support the concept.   Regression tests were centric to a release and not to a product/application and therefore could not be carried forward release to release.  The means then to accomplish our need was to duplicate the regression tests each release; a concept that was not feasible or econmical; therefore we retained QC for our test case managment tool; Rally for everything else.   We'd like to move to Rally for our fully SDLC management if we can.  I'm hoping that now two years later, we can move our test case management to Rally as well.   
Thanks for your insight and help.