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Strategy for adding a portfolio item type in an existing hierarchy

Question asked by JimMorgan1355542 on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by 52be4efd9813a582c33abb7b2ef51bc5
The limitations on re-ordering portfolio items is causing a major problem. Our current 3-level layout served us well initially, but as we have added organizations it is clear we now need a new level between our curent Level 2 and Level 3 items:

1. Initiative
2. Program
3. (New Level)
4. Epic

If I could add a new Level 1, all would be fine, since I could rename all of the levels as needed and connect our current Level 1 (new Level 2) items to the new Level 1. But a new Portfolio Item Type has to be at Level 4. Unfortunately, all of our Level 3 items are the correct granularity for Level 4, but I cannot just convert each Level 3 into a Level 4. (CSV export and re-import does not work because parent links are broken and other information is lost.)

Has anyone found a workaround to add a layer at the top of a hierarchy?