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In creating a custom Page with multiple copies of the same App (MyTasks) why does the Rank column get created multiple times on each App?

Question asked by 65e750f95e7cca73a339afe22b697f6b on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by 65e750f95e7cca73a339afe22b697f6b
I've created a custom page in the 'Track' tab and have added three copies of MyTasks to show three seperate lists of tasks in three seperate states.

That works fine, but for some reason, when I close Rally and come back to the custom page, I have more copies of the column 'Rank'.

How do I get rid of the extraneous Rank columns?  They can't be de-selected in the Column chooser, so some Rally system process must be deciding to display them.