Regression: Deep links not followed through login page

Discussion created by 1_Kevin1 on Feb 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by mharutun
I already filed a support ticket with Rally, but figured I would post here as well, since this must be a common problem.  Didn't find anything about it using this forum's search function though.

Since one of the recent updates (not sure which one, sorry) a critical piece of functionality has stopped working.

Chrome 32.0.1700.102
rally1.rallydev.com hosted

1. Visit a rally artifact detail page (defect, user story, etc)
2. Copy the URL from the browser location bar
3. Sign out of Rally
4. Paste the previously copied URL into the location bar and press Enter
5. Enter username/password and submit

[Actual Result]
Rally Dashboard is shown

[Expected Result]
Artifact detail page is shown

This defect is very severe, since it breaks a really common workflow.  When I get a rally notification email about a change to a user story I click on the link to the defect.  If I'm not signed in at that point I have to sign in, then return to the email and click the link again.