Is it possible to update custom fields in API v1.43?

Discussion created by hc5duke1 on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by John_Streeter
While I wait on my previous question: http://bit.ly/1klPzDN I had to resort to using v1.43 API in order to update user stories without obtaining a security token. As a result (I think) I am having trouble updating custom fields in user stories.

With default fields my code works, e.g. when I post with the following JSON object:

{HierarchicalRequirement: {ScheduleState: "Completed"}}

I am able to mark this story as completed. But when I try this with a custom field, e.g. posting:

{HierarchicalRequirement: {GitIssueID: {LinkID: "id", DisplayString: "url" } } }

or I even tried:

{HierarchicalRequirement: {GitIssueID: "some_id" } }

this never updates the field, and I get the following warning: "Ignored JSON element HierarchicalRequirement.GitIssueID during processing of this request"

Is it possible to update this field using API 1.43? If not, could I please get some help in my other question? Thanks.