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Has anybody used the CA1 Tape - CTSTI (TAPE info) app in Batch?

Question asked by gmarkon on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by rayca01

I've tried to write a Rexx utility to gather info about GDG-s on Tape (=Size of the datasets, practically).
The CTSTI utility is an ISPF application, insofar, if I call it from my Rexx, it shows the ISPF Panel which is unpractical from a batch flow.
My question: if I use it as ISPF, I can supress the panel, but I cannot access the returned panel variable8s)  "#TNUMB" etc., because the CTSTI deletes these vars from the pool (and don't stores them in the shared pool).
Or is there still a chance to get these somehow?

Alternatively, can I get the tape size info from a batch job?