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Removing customer hub servers and any data associated

Question asked by Herin on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Yu_Ishitani

Hi everyone,

    We are in the process of offboarding a client and would like to know how remove devices and data from UIM and SQL.

Steps we have performed so far:

1. Removed the robots

2. Removed the robots from the client hub server


We are going to remove hub server and remove all the queues pointing to primary hub server. We would like to remove all devices and data from DB.

We are on 8.4 and running SQL server 2012. We have followed the removing devices (cs_keys) KB but would like to remove all QOS data and devices from SQL. I am not sure how this can be done but anything related to client ABC remove from DB.


Please advise. Much appreciated