Tons of fixed defects to announce today!

Discussion created by JohnStreeter Employee on Oct 19, 2016

fixed defects

DE27388 - Test Case numbering and bullets not displaying correctly on the Test Case detail page, custom views on the TPS page or on custom lists.
DE27540 - CSV export from User Stories Page results in column header of ID instead of Formatted ID
DE27661 - After a certain number of lines, the Templates window doesn't show complete list of Templates
DE27677 - Multi-value custom fields should be invalid for swim lane fields on Custom Board
DE28174 - 2 editable textboxes appear when printing/emailing reports
DE29435 - Iteration Status page banner: Iteration burn-down accepted points not correctly alligned
DE23025 - Print from Track > Release Status shows nested items even when unchecked
DE25059 - Message when creating a 6th project in the Community Edition needs to be changed to reflect the correct process.
DE27518 - Query via Settings menu in Custom List yields “Cannot parse object reference from “Done””
DE27725 - Checking/unchecking of the "Show Items from Child/Parent Projects" box is not highlighting project names as expected
DE28918 - Dashboard fails to load for random users across customers.
DE29090 - Advanced Filtering is ignoring an Owner filter for a specific user on Portfolio Items page
DE29074 - Not able to re-parent project from children project.