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Is it possible to have a node/query to breakdown the assigned records by assignee

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Lindsay_Estabrooks

I was wondering if it is possible to break out the below nodes/queries to have a sub node showing # records per assignee.


Use case: Manager is logged into CASD - he belongs to his group

He has his set of direct reports who are also in that same group- they all report to him. No other people reside in that group.

They manage incidents, requests, problems, CR, etc.  We have the nodes setup to have the following - using Inicdents as an example:

My Groups Incidents (total)

    Assigned Incidents (total)

  Unassigned Incidents (total)


Our managers, in this case, would like to see the Assigned expanded by each person. So if you have 6 incidents, and Joe has 2, Sue has 2 and Pat has 2, see Joe (2); Sue(2); Pat (2)

kind of like this:


Is that possible?  Can our tool Admin create a query for this to show in that node? We are on 12.9  (issues with upgrading as of now).  Or is this just impossible?

I did see a very old idea from 2013 that seemed to reference showing data by manager, which is kind of what we want here. We want to expand the assigned work to show assigned by (assignee? contact? ) and the number.