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Is it possible to Populate custom fields with default fields on change order calender.

Question asked by Edgar13 on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by Edgar13

Hi Community


We build two custom change fields called Implementation date and Est Completion Date. But business wants to use the Calendar but to do that without people needing to fill in the Scheduled start date and Scheduled end date themselves.


So we want to auto populate the Implementation Date in scheduled start date and Est Completion Date in Scheduled End Date, so that the calendar can display our changes.


We tried through the SQL DATABASE insert and update, That didn’t work.


We want to build a script for it but, there is already default Trigger and script on it to populate the Schedule End Date/Time when you fill in the Scheduled Start  date/time and Schedule Duration to give you the scheduled end date, also scheduled end date is read only field.


What would be the communities recommendation be. Modify the existing script default in the system.




Edgar Louw