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Project Templates

Question asked by niranjan.pilla on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by Michael Thibault

PPM system has several project templates which are being used for creating the new projects. However, each project template contains over 500 activities which includes all the phases of project. This increases the manual efforts of Project managers as they have to manually remove the list of activities which are not relevant to them.

  • Standard Project plan template (i.e. Phase Planning Templates) for high level phases of projects.
  • Standard Project plan templates (i.e. Activities Planning Templates) for lowest level activities and resource allocation
  • Project manager should be able to create a project using “Phase Planning Template
  • When project progresses over time, project manager should be able to expand the project plan by inserting the required activities for respective phase from “Activities Planning Templates

How to achieve this in Clarity ?