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text_api - set Requester = Log Agent via email

Question asked by J_W on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Grant Bruneau

SDM 14.1.03


When creating a Request via email, the Reported By (log_agent) and Affected End User (customer) are set automatically to the sender of the email.


We have the requirement that the Requested By (requester) field also be this value automatically without the having to use %REQUESTER= in the body of the email.


I have tried setting a default data partition of requested_by=log_agent.  This is accepted in the constraint but has no affect.  I've also played with setting REQUEST.REQUESTER=%LOG_AGENT in the text_api defaults just for grins.  It had no affected but didn't produce an error, either


Does anyone know where this is processed that I can see if it can be modified?