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dual-level pie chart with more than 1 measure

Question asked by DOCAP on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by Atul.Kunkulol



I am new to using Ad-Hoc Jaspersoft dual-level pie charts and I would like to know if the following required chart is possible to achieve with this chart type: (if not possible which other chart type would work? I know Crosstab Works but it does not look so nice...)


I have chosen the Project Management Domain and then Project Name and OBS Unit Fields + Total Actuals Hours, Total Labor Costs and Total Costs as Measures.

I then tried to add OBS Unit and Project Name in Rows.  So far so good.

But when I tried to add more than 1 measure in Columns I would either get No data at all or a Warning basically explaining I was not using dual-level pie chart properly...


Any suggestions from more experienced people would be more than welcome  maybe using Jaspersoft Studio would allow to add more measures?