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Can't Find "not accepted" on Velocity Chart

Question asked by neal.ratner on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by neal.ratner

I would like to see the user story(s)/defect(s) that have not been accepted according to our Velocity Chart.  I have searched through every filter, page, etc and cannot locate the additional 6 points from our last iteration.  I did find 5 points from a defect that was pushed to the next iteration due to a roadblock, but still can't find the last 6 points.  This is extremely frustrating and we need to see what stories/defects are lagging from the last iteration.  Again, I can't find these stories/defects anywhere, which makes me wonder...are they even there?


The report clearly states no stories, tasks, or defects are left open, yet 6 points still have not been accepted.


please help...