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Baseline a Project/Task in OWB in Clarity 12.1.3 SP7

Question asked by shalinee on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by shalinee

Hi All,


Our PMO group is planning to kick off a pilot for a small group of projects to start utilizing the baseline feature in OWB in clarity 12.1.3. However we are in planning phase for upgrade to 14.4 .


We are looking for some suggestions here? We are planning to use the baseline at task and project level only for start date, finish data and usage, cost.


Is there any performance issue using baseline in this version in-terms of viewing Gantt View or having multiple baseline, data in time-slice and other views in OWB which would display the baseline data?


I have gone through multiple previous posts/discussions available in communities and I can see details of performance issues and other related topic but all of them are addressing the version prior to 12.1.3 SP7.


Thanks in advance.