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OAuth 2.0 Token Provisioning Error via OAuth Authorization Server

Question asked by stewart.c.huang on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by stewart.c.huang

Hi CA Community,


I am currently experiencing some issues with my oAuth token provisioning and hope to get some advice on this. As of now, the setup I have will be:


L7 Gateway Version 9.1

OAuth Toolkit 3.5.00-1515

L7 Portal v35


Issue 1

Currently i'm trying to run my oAuth 2 test client to generate a token as outlined in the oAuth toolkit manual. As for setup, besides installing the toolkit, I also went into the OAuth manager to customize the redirect uri to match the cluster hostname I have on my gateway.


However, when I try to do an initiate OAuth handshake in the process of generating a token, I am experiencing some issues with OAuth server as the picture below shows :



As such, would like to get some help on additional parameters I need to be able to successfully provision the token and complete the initiation of OAuth testing verification setup for my test client. 


This might be a configuration issue with my policy which I've not changed yet. Hope to get some input on directions on how to do this correctly. 


Issue 2

I would also like to ask if it is normal for my OAuth Toolkit policies to be prompting error from my policy manager such as "Unable to retrieve service properties" even though installation is successfully finished. 



Thanks for helping!