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Configuring AWS Elastic Load Balancer as LB for API Gateway Cluster & API Portal

Question asked by stewart.c.huang on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by Jay_Thorne

Hi CA Community,


Would like to ask if there is example of guides on implementing AWS ELB as a LB for API Gateway Cluster setup. 


From my understanding AWS ELB does not have a elastic IP both for Internal IP and external IP to communicate between instances within the same cluster.


In that case, with just a external hostname (for external ELB) will this load balancer be suitable for setting up Gateway cluster? I am thinking if the IP addresses change dynamically, it will have issue with my setup on /etc/hosts on my gateway nodes of the cluster. Alternatively, creating an internal ELB might help but it still has the same problems without a static IP address for internal IP. 


Down the road, this might cause issues for API Portal <> API Gateway setup because the cluster IP address can't resolve correctly without a proper IP as it cannot take a hostname. While I can ping the hostname of the external LB to get the IP address, it is still not static by nature.


Hope I can get some advice on this setup on how to do it correctly with AWS Load Balancer as a choice of LB to integrate with Layer7.


Thanks for helping!