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Can you unlock an attribute with a process with a GEL step

Question asked by urmas on Oct 26, 2016
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According to Juan_Ortega in 

you would lock an attribute with a process either by inserting records to ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES or with a manual action. I should assume the opposite holds true: To unlock delete records.

Can you have a combination?

That is first check if that needs to be done with a script and then to do the action manually?

I am trying to do that and set a variable persistent to be used in the second step, but I get

ERRORBPM-0703: Custom script syntax error at line 31, column 78: Environmental tag restrictions are in place. Tag 'persists' is not registered for use in this system.

when I have

<gel:persists  var="v_number_of_projects" value="${row[0]}" scope="INSTANCE">

Why do I get the error and how can I get past it?


Secondly if I get past that can I build a condition with and SQL query to get those instances where the unlocking it to be done?