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PMO Accelerator ppm 14.4

Question asked by Franciscovilo on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Nika_Hadzhikidi


While installing the pmo accelerartor by using:

admin content csk

from the command line, the system returned to the console the next message:

Current product version:

The minimum product version(s)
that are supported: 14.4.0

Validating the current product version against
the minimum supported version: 14.4.0

The product version has been validated as supported

Installation properties for CA PPM Accelerator: Program Management Office
ID: csk
Removing obj_alignment attribute...
Getting view information...
Total execution time: 0H:0M:29.658S
Content Pack csk version has been deployed
Installing content... csk
Installing content items that do not already exist or have the force option set to true
DBTools Log - Wed Oct 26 18:05:01 CEST 2016
Command: install database schema from driver file
To URL: jdbc:clarity:sqlserver://WKSBCN051;DatabaseName=niku;InsensitiveResultSetBufferSize=0;ProgramName=Clarity
As user: niku
For vendor: mssql
Loading DBDriver file: C:\Users\FVILLENA\Desktop\ppm\ppm\database\content\csk\preupgrade-driver.xml
Loading DBDriver file: C:\Users\FVILLENA\Desktop\ppm\ppm\database\content\csk\preupgrade-driver.xml
Current database version is database_csk_14.4.0.0001-preupgrade
DBDriver for database_csk_14.4.0.0001-preupgrade
DBDriver has already been installed!
Total time: 0H:0M:1S
        Applying lookups/COP_ADD_IN_LOOKUP_MAPPING_PARAM.xml
        Applying lookups/COP_ADD_IN_LOOKUP_MAPPING_PARENT_PARAM.xml
        Applying lookups/COP_ADD_IN_LOOKUP_MAPPING_CHILD_PARAM.xml
        Applying objects/cop_idea_prj_map.xml
        Applying objects/cop_addin_lookup_map.xml
        Applying objects/cop_prj_statusrpt.xml
        Applying lookups/OBJ_IDEA_PROJECT_CATEGORY_PARAM.xml
        Applying objects/inv.xml
        Applying objects/project.xml
        Applying objects/idea.xml
        Applying objects/task.xml
        Applying objects/benefitplandetail.xml
        Applying objects/glallocation.xml
        Applying objects/resourcecredit.xml
        Applying objects/risk.xml
        Applying objects/pfm_investment.xml
        Applying objects/pfm_portfolio.xml
Loading registered objects for custom attribute bootstrap...
Loading registered objects for object mappings bootstrap...
Loading registered objects to bootstrap...
Loading registered objects for view bootstrap...
Loading registered objects for object action bootstrap...
Loading registered objects for data warehouse attributes bootstrap...
Loading registered objects for building blocks bootstrap...
Failed to install content pack. ID: csk: exec returned: 2
Failed to install content pack. ID: csk: exec returned: 2
Error occurred: C:\Users\FVILLENA\Desktop\ppm\ppm\META-INF\content\xog\csk\install.xml:240: exec returned: 2
Check admin.log or use -verbose for more information.

I have attached the admin.log file in the case, from this file, it seems that the contect pack with id: csk has failed.

Any help will be apprecaited.