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Automation to simplify time tracking?

Question asked by BradGibson on Oct 26, 2016

This is a very general question, and I'm asking though I believe I already know the answer.

We are in the middle of requirements gathering for migration of time tracking from Oracle Time and Labor into CA PPM.


When a user has access to Oracle OTL, all they need is the project ID number to log time against the project.

In PPM, as you know, the user must be on a team, assigned to task in order to track time.


Has anyone ever tried to simplify this, and how?

I am being asked to suggest a way a user could login and without necessarily being assigned to project or tasks,. still track time against the project.


OR a way to automate the assignment of team members to the project and/or task.


In order to more closely mimic the way Oracle works.


Any thoughts?


Thanks for your time!