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DevTest Product Features and implementation concerns

Question asked by DevTestUser on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by DevTestUser

Some of the features and way the devtest is designed would make complex for wider adaption of teams usage of virtual services .. 


I am listing some of these here, if someone else also has same thought, then please do mention/comment here so that CA can take a look into these and help us for wider adaption.


1. VSI and VSM concept --> Any changes done in VSI needs a deployment


2. VSI are more like flat files in your local systems , if several team using the same file at a time it is not so easy to manage among several teams 


currently my organaization uses some centralized data bases as Stub repository where developer and tester can easily do the change and test it from client.. so moving away from that to VS is team feels it is more effort and more process involved in doing deployment each time or pushing to git, merge things like that for sharing process.


3. yes, I understand tool works based on functional and non-functional license model.. why is it too restricted on number of threads processing ? because a simple stub written by developer will process sufficient threads and that 's where developers are happy to do performance test using stubs rather virtual service 


4. Search option or naming option in VSI .. example I have requirement from my client to migrate huge number of stubs into Devtest (ex: 1000+ number of transactions) .. but concerns are when you put everything into VSI there is no search option in VSI if some one wants to see details about that transaction (example in SQL developer, we can filter on using some column name etc.,) so it will be very hard for some one to find it manually through 1000 transactions