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Methods other than Resource Calendars and Non-Workdays

Question asked by carol-ann.lorentz on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Robert Ensinger

Does anyone NOT use the resource calendars and the associated non-workday feature in Clarity? If yes, how do you manage time off in Clarity?

By way of background, we are interested in hearing your input as we have been advised by a consultant to remove all “Non-Working" time from the Clarity Resource Calendars and to use Other Work Tasks instead of indirect rows to track time off.

It appears that upon initial setup the NW “Other Work” tasks would be defaulted to 0% allocation and hard booked. Subsequently all planned time off would be put into planned allocation segments and then hard booked when approved. (If the time off was short notice (ad hoc) or short duration, the time off would be monitored using actuals only.) Next the RMs would be responsible to see that all allocations to the various projects and NPIOs would be adjusted for each block of known and approved time off. When the time off is posted, the corresponding actuals would appear on Resource Allocation – Detail Screen. Does anyone actually use this method? In your opinion, what are the benefits and disadvantages of making such a move?