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Build failure of the WinNTC function(Plex r7.2.1)

Question asked by niconico on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by niconico



I fail to build the WinNTC function that defines dialog message or log message in the action diagram. The pnl file of the WinNTC function is not create.


It failed to read the pnl file in Visual Studio 2013, but the error is not output. The error log is not output, too.




The build of the function succeeds when I change the language of the function of the problem to WinC.
This problem does not occur in the version until Plex r7.2.


The solution to this problem is necessary because we often display the message in the event viewer of the server.

Does anyone know of a way to successfully build a WinNTC function with dialog message or log message?