Importance of API Security

Discussion created by danal03 Employee on Nov 2, 2016
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I stumbled across an article today regarding Snapchat; one of the biggest apps that the 'Millennial' generation seems to be hooked on. One of the interesting points is the lack of API security Snapchat had, which was exposed by students of Gibson security. I think it's a good read and would be interesting for people to share some other examples of major apps/companies that have encountered some problems in the API Security aspect (I'll start one off with the Nissan Leaf hack; linked at the bottom).


Snapchat Snafu! | API Design and Strategy 


API Vulnerability In Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles Leaves Them Prone To Hacking : Car Tech : Tech Times 


*** this is intended to shed light on the importance of API Security and share examples of some major failures, or successes for that matter, not bash  ***


-Alec Daniello