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Application Monitoring feasibility in UIM

Question asked by imrankhcl Champion on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by imrankhcl

Hi Guys,


I have some scenarios to do the performance monitoriing.

1) First login to server.

2) open internet explorer and connect to citrix.

3) Once connected to Citrix, open the application.

4) perform some steps on application and save the steps.


Now I tried above mentioned steps on ica_response probe and on E2E probe but both failed. For ica_response probe i raise one case with support and it was open for more than 100 days and escalated and later the backline engineer told me that this is not feasible with ica_response and i should use E2E probe.

Now i am using E2E probe but the support told me that this probe can't be use for Citrix.

I am not sure how to enable performance monitoring for one application with the mentioned steps above.


Need urgent help and suggestion in this.



Imran Khan