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Discussion created by khuwi01 Employee on Nov 3, 2016
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Hi All,


We have created http plugin for CA APM 10.2  which uses interface CemPluginApiV3 for accessing the response body of the monitored business transaction. Concern of our is that we are not able to define the business transaction manually with the output parameter fetched from response Body while plugin was in running state.


Plugin is working fine, we have written the code to generate the logs whose output location is /home/cemplugins/log, please find the below screenshot


The parameter which needs to be passed posses the correct desired value however there is something wrong with the new CemPluginOutput(new CemPluginOutput.CemParam[] { parameter_3 }. Is there a way out we can check what does cempluginoutput contains?


Please also validate the above value inserted in the name field, Is this name refer to the plugin name or output parameter name generated by the plugin


Please find the below code for the Plugin.



Winkle Khurana