Product Announcement- App SDK 2 Test Utilities

Discussion created by morky01 Employee on Nov 3, 2016

Hey, app writers- this one's for you!  Do you ever find yourself up at night wishing you could more easily write tests for your App SDK 2 based custom apps?  Me too.


So, it is with the utmost excitement that I announce the release of the App SDK 2 Test Utilities- a library of utilities, helpers, and data mocks for writing unit tests for apps written with App SDK 2.


describe('CustomApp', function() {     
('should render the app', function() {       
        var app = Rally.test.Harness.launchApp('CustomApp');       


The test utilities are seamlessly integrated into the latest release of Rally App Builder and there is a great Testing Apps guide to help you get started.


So what are you waiting for?

Test more, sleep more.


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