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Storage Alarm not visible in Spectrum forwarded frm UIM

Question asked by Swapnilagr on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Rajashekar_Allala

Dear All,


We are monitoring Storage using VMAX probe in CA UIM v8.3. VMAX probe is installed on backup server. We are receiving alerts in CA UIM for Storage device.

Hostname & Source for Storage is showing say "XYZ" & "XYZ" respectively  in CA UIM which is actually the serial number of storage device.(Generally Source field is the IP address but for this case its showing serial number & source field is same as hostname)


Now we have integrated the CA UIM v8.3 with CA spectrum v10.1.1 using south bound gateway. We are receiving all alerts from CA UIM to CA Spectrum except STORAGE Alerts. Storage events are visible in spectrum but showing "UNKNOWN" type.

Hostname & IP-ADDRESS for Storage is showing say "ABC"  & "xx.xx.xx.xx" respectively in CA Spectrum which are the actual hostname and IP Address of storage device.


Please help us so that we can get storage device alerts in CA spectrum.