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Relative Periods in Jaspersoft Reports

Question asked by Will_Lloyd on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Will_Lloyd

We are trying to transition our users from the OOTB Crystal Reports to the same, related Jaspersoft Reports.


One of the challenges with the transition is in the date for reports, like the 'Capacity vs. Demand by Resource' report, where the filtering criteria offers both a Specific Date (useful for Adhoc reports) and Relative Date selection - useful for scheduling reports to compile on a recurring basis without having to manupilate the date parameters.



I was wondering if there is a relative-date parameter filter object that has been created that would simply need to be included in the OOTB reports Options for a Start Date, if this would need to be scratch-built, or if versions of PPM later than 14.3 that we are currently running (with Jaspersoft Reports 6.2.1) upgrade the OOTB report filtering options to include relative dates.


Thanks in advance,

Will Lloyd


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