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CA PAM - Generate password sync to target application server

Question asked by smukhi on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Patrick Thomson



We have a requirement in which we have onboarded the target application server (let's say XYZ) in PAM for password management. Currently, the flow of the the transaction is as below.


1. Admin logged in to the CA PAM console and click on the generate password for XYZ target application.

2. The new password is generated.

3. On application server we have a script (placed on the XYZ target app server) that runs periodically to fetch the generated password from PAM for XYZ target applications and update in the properties file, which lies on the XYZ target application. 

4. The admin restarts the server or we can have a automated script to do this.


As per the above flow, the password sync is not real time and also not fully automated. Does anyone provide me a real time solution or design as i am new to PAM. Thanks in advance.