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What is behind resolved risk?

Question asked by urmas on Nov 7, 2016
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and Dale_Stockman 

posts in it which says among other things

but, in CA PPM, when the status is changed from resolved to closed, the "Date Resolved" field gets cleared by a hidden process or bit of code


1. Is the display of read only fields Resolved By and Resolution Date done by a hidden process or a bit of code only or is that accessible?


2. Can that same functionality be brought to Change Request which do not have Resolved By and Resolution Date fields but does have the same Status lookup field with Resolved value?


3. Further could the same functionality be created for the Closed status and custom Closed By and Closed Date fields?


Just wondering again ...

The fields

Resolution Date    
Resolved By
Last Updated Date    
Last Updated By
Created Date    
Created By

are read only without a default. When I try to get a read only field there is the message

( In order to make an attribute read-only a default must be selected )

How do I get a read only field with no default?

Like if I have the Closed Date field and I do not want the users to fill it, but want to use a process to fill it, if a default is required eventually as time passes by it it going to be before the created date which is not reasonable.