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TCP service listening and answering in different ports. Is it possible?

Question asked by mbiancari on Nov 7, 2016

I have to virtualize a very particular TCP service. The client application opens 2 persistent connections to 2 different ports, one for requests and one for responses. 



APP (client) -------------> (port 4321) Server



APP (client) <------------- (port 4322) Server


The client opens both connections to the shown ports. The arrows shows the direction of the data (requests/responses)


I don't know the specific reason for this, but seems a poorly designed architecture. In a normal scenario the clients open TCP connections to a specific port and the requests and responses happen inside that connection until it closes. This is also the way DevTest creates the model file and allows you to virtualice services.


I have also a PCAP file with real traffic and the TCP configuration tab only allows you to filter one port, so I only get requests alone. This is not a big deal since I can manually fill the responses if needed.


Do any of you had to face a similar implementation and were able to solve it? If so, how did you do it?


DevTest version: 9.5.1