UIM: How to detect QOS not receiving data

Discussion created by NestorFalcon Employee on Nov 8, 2016
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what is your current approach to detect and alarm on QOS not receiving data for last hour/days?


I have created a very simple bat file to check a qos via REST API and return "0" if data is present for last our, "1" otherwise. This can be wrapped on a script to monitor critical QOS that must be "alive" and with data all the time.


Sample of usage:

C:\Users\falne02\Desktop>checkqos.bat falne02-ump <user> <password> uimdemo uimdemo QOS_CPU_USAGE

Calling URL: http://falne02-ump/rest/qos/data/name/QOS_CPU_USAGE/uimdemo/uimdemo/lasthour/now/0

QOS data found for last hour


The bat file takes 6 parameters in this order:

- umpserver

- user

- password

- source

- target

- qos

NOTE: the script requires curl in the PATH of the server from where we execute it from


Thanks for any comments/feedback