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What is the real value of CPU consumption?

Question asked by SPBR on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by SPBR

Hello! Please help me in the analysis of the images below:
In the first image we have a mean time of 7 days and 168 minutes.
At a data point (blue screen) we have a value of 6, which represents 6% up there, all right. What does Max represent? What is always in 100? Why that?


In image 2 we have the same period but now with the 15 minutes resolution that gives us a 45% peak of usage, what I need is to determine the actual CPU usage% by the JVM.



What I realized was that the higher the count (Cont 3900) the lower the%
And the smaller the (count 288) the greater the value%
What is the real value of CPU consumption?