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Configuring SSO between two Different Domains

Question asked by DanishA on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by DanishA

Hi All,

I am trying to test Single Sign On between existing R12   and newly built 12.52 SP2 environment. They both are in different domains: Lets suppose R12 is and 12.52sp2 is We also have a separate policy store/ key store for

Done resetting the encryption key on 12.52 to match r12,  Weekly dynamic  Agent Key rollover is set on r12.


1. Do I have to wait for the Agent key rollover to happen before i can test sso between both environments?

2. I understand that Agent key and session key has to be same for SSO to work. Is it going to be updated after rollover or do I need  to manually assign them?

3. Since they both are in different domains, what additional steps are required there?