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Jasperreports - Task Grouping in a Gantt chart

Question asked by TiagoAb on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by Aurora_Gaimon

I'm trying to create a widged-pro gantt chart that lists project durations by month. So far this is working fine, but now i have to add tasks to the "parent" project, that lists its phases durations (CER, SPP).

My Data table (SQL) is as follows:

Basically i want to create some kind of grouping so each phase is right bellow the main project duration bar, all in one project row.

My process is ID=$F{RANK} and Label = $F{NAME}

So far I'm not understanding the logic of the grouping, and I'm not finding any example of this being used. At the moment all records/projects show separate (repeated process), even the ones that belong to the same parent project.

And when i put the grouping expression like: $F{ID}.equals($F{Parent_prj), no change occurs.

This is what i'm trying to make (see image), as featured in the ireport designer manual:

this is what i'm trying to make

Does anyone accomplished a similar design? or can point me in the right direction, or some kind of example, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time!