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Ways to integrate with CA SDM

Question asked by cdtj Champion on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Daniel Becker Bighelini

Hello community,

as we know there are few described ways like WebServices, bop cmd or Text API that could be used to integrate with CA SDM. But looking deeper I have found that there is a way to integrate with SDM using Java libraries located in NX_ROOT/Java/lib, for example rpc_srvr (pdm_rpc.jar located in bin folder) using slump.jar to exchange data with SDM using BPObject. which looks like have possibility to execute inner sdm methods directly from Java.

Is anyone knows how those lib's/methods are work?


PS: new instance of rpc_object, spell_object and bp_object could be called within SDM,

I have found and explained how spell_object are work here: Execute SDM method using SPEL 

But didn't find get to work others...