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13.3 - 15.1 Upgrade - BO WEBi vs. Jaspersoft

Question asked by MiroS on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Aurora_Gaimon

Hi community,

we are planning to upgrade to 15.1 from 13.3 having many reasons why we should do:

1. new User layout (current GUI has bad reputation within Business)

2. Application portfolio Add-in

3. Portfolio management module supporting aggregate calculated attributes

4. Export to Powerpoint

5. new MS project interface


There is however one reason we are not so sure if we can live without:

We have designed many WEBI report layouts (as replacements of originally implemented Crystal reports)

These WEBI reports are integrated within Clarity as both standalone reports executed from Reports menu (with parameter of project name) or integrated within processes (e.g. approval of Change request generates PDF that is stored as link within Change request list portlet)


We know that from 14.4 there is no possibility to run both WEBI and Jaspersoft, but I am not sure if we are able to recreate with Jaspersoft what we achieved with WEBI (I mean links in portlets, process calls for report creation etc.)


What would you do in our place?

thank you for your advice!