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CA PPM 14.3 and Jaspersoft 6.1 Load balancing

Question asked by RaviCCC on Nov 10, 2016
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We have CA PPM 14.3 and Jaspersoft 6.1.  We couple of Linux servers clustered for Jaspersoft.  They are load balanced by F5.  It uses cookie persistence. The Jaspersoft load balnacer URL is configured in CSA under reporting session. But when we click the Advanced reporting, it throws a message "User is not registered on the reporting server."


We are sure all the individual servers in the cluster have correct keystore file copied.  We ran Create and Users job and Load Datawarehouse job successfully.


Then we tested each individual server by changing CSA page. They all worked.   We changed it to load balancer URL again in CSA page, we restarted application and BG and again it shows the error "User is not registered on the reporting server." when we try to click the Advanced Reporting.


The load balancer works when we try to access the jaspersoft portal directly using "http://<load balancer URL>/<webapp>/login.html and I am able to login as superuser and browse the repository content.


Issue is only when we try to access from PPM application.


I am not familiar with all the load balancing concepts and terminology and also not familiar how CA PPM to Jaspersoft authentication is done and sessions are handled.  Is this issue related to load balancer persistence?  Do we need to change to some other persistence like source IP persistence?  or any other issue


Please let me know if you have experienced same issue or share your thoughts


Thank you


Ravi Chandramouli