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What are the real meaning of these OSB metrics

Question asked by Ausias on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Hallett_German

I have been looking for a more detailled meaning of some OSB metrics than the explained in the documentation but without success. Here I have some doubts that I would like to know if someone know about them:


  • In the documentation it is said that the ProxyServices metric measures its interface, transport, settings, security settings and message flow definition. Either in the Request part of the transaction as in the Response part of the transaction. On the other hand Pipelines metric measures the specific steps for a Request, Response or Error message flow.
    • Where should I look for if we want to know only the Average Response Time spent processing the message flow?
    • Does the Average Response Time for a ProxyService metric include the Average Response Time for the Pipelines plus the other times such as security, transport, its interface?
  • In the documentation it is said that the XQuery metrics are available for create, parse, and execute operations
    • What is the meaning of each operation of a XQuery?
    • When does a create XQuery operation occurs?
    • What is the difference between parse and execute of an XQuery?


  • For most of the Transport Metrics (HTTP, JMS) there are two subfolders, Receive and Send. As the transport is used either in the ProxyService metrics and in the BusinessServices metrics, it isn't clear the meaning of the "Receive" and “Send” subfolder.
    • My doubt is if “Receive” subfolder it is showing the information from the point of view of a BusinessService and thus it is receiving a Response from an external service or if it is showing the information from the point of view of a ProxyService and thus it is receiving a new Request from a new requestor.
    • The same doubt shows me up to the “Send” subfolder
    • What are the meanings of the Inbound and Outbound subfolders within the Transport Metrics?



I hope anyone can help me to resolve these doubts, thanks in advance.


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