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Alerts for Project Dependencies

Question asked by Jamie-A. on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Narsinghia

Hello all,

I wanted to reach out to the PPM community and see if anyone had already developed a clean way to set up alerts for project dependencies in PPM. I'm very new to PPM so my knowledge of what it can and can't do it limited so please excuse me if I ask a question with an obvious answer. I know how to link a task, milestone, etc from one project to another and I have found a few different ways to show those dependencies. What I have not not been able to figure out is how to create some sort of visual alert (flag, action item, etc.) or email to let me know that a dependent task on another project has missed or changed it's date and now my project is affected. Surely someone out there (much smarter than I) has already figured this out and wouldn't mind sharing their solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.