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ACWP calculation

Question asked by PragyaSingh on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by PragyaSingh

Hello All,


We are facing some issues with ACWP calculation at assignment level.  We are using labor cost and have maintained rate matrix for resources role and department.


Issue is that, for same resource 

- for one task he has filled 7 hours, 0.00 ACWP is shown

- whereas same project other task, he has filled 5 hours then ACWP is shown. Though the value does not match with the calculation like its rate 151.3 * 5 = 756.5 but shows 453.90.


Kindly, let me know the calculation behind ACWP and how for same resource, the ACWP is shown for one task and not for other. 



Pragya SIngh