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TDoD solution

Question asked by RajuD on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by gilta03

Hi All,


Please validate my understanding regarding TDoD solution.



Our client has customer data across different tables. we need to provide solution to client where they  can search the customers based on different search criteria like program type, card type, account type, age, etc.,

Database:  DB2

Repository: SQL Server.


Solution in my mind.

1) create a test mart table in SQL Server with required customer details as column along wtih mandatory Test Mart columns.

2) Register this table in version, update this table using data in present in different tables in DB2.

3) configure this table as test Mart table in Test Mart data pool. 



Data pool should be continuously updated as data in test environments will change now and then.



1) can we have solution where data maker will search data in DB2 directly instead of datapool of the project.

2) or we have to have the data in data pool (repository).


Please advise.



Raju Devolla.