Tech Tip: What does the color coding in GT Diagrammer mean?

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GT Diagrammer allows the visualization of a Database Schema (represented in one of a number of file formats or loaded from a web service) into an Entity-Relationship Diagram. The Diagrammer allows users to add, remove and edit existing tables (referred to as objects) and relationships (referred to as rules) in the context of the diagram, as well as to add labels on top of it.


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What does the color coding in GT Diagrammer mean?


CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- GT Diagrammer
All product release versions.

If you open a registered table in Datamaker with different tags and properties, and then launch GT Diagrammer, you will most likely see everything categorized in different colors.


Here is what each color stands for:

Blue = No tags

Red = Parent Only

Orange = Child Only

Green = Related

Black = Unrelated 


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