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DB restore and Jaspersoft issue

Question asked by Sreeram601 on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Sreeram601

For our POC, we installed Jaspersoft as per the procedure provided by documents in Development environment.

Now we are setting up the new server for DEV Jaspersoft reporting.   We restored the existing Clarity DB in dev from Production.

FYI, there was no Jaspersoft in Production.


Now When we try to check the DB in Clarity NSA(CSA), db shows as unavailable. When we try to save the Database page in Clarity NSA, it throws a Error

 "Failed to update properties on the Jaspersoft server. Could not login to http://jasper:8081/Jaspersoft with username ppmjasperadmin. Please make sure the server is available and that the login credentials are correct.


  When I checked the Reporting page in NSA, it shows the old details of Jaspersoft which we used for POC. We can't remove the details.  


Is there a way we need to remove any Jasper details from NSA?

Do we need to remove any Jasper related from Application server like Keystore?  A


Also when I ran the health check, it shows the issue with DB server. But we were able to connect the DEV DB using SQL Developer.  Please do advice .