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Is it possible to use Gel Scripting to send Manual Action Items to a dynamic set of users

Question asked by NIH_Ashwin.Kumar on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by NIH_Ashwin.Kumar

Is it possible to send Manual action items to a dynamic set of user accounts using GEL Script against a native or custom object. We have a need as part of Governance of Programs and Projects to involve the Program Manager to approve Change Requests raised against a sub-project of the Program.


Wondering if there is any sample code that I can use to achieve this goal.


I have sample code for sending email but am wondering if it is possible to send a Manual Action item with specific actions to a dynamically retrieved list of user accounts (like the Programs Manager, and select members of certain user groups).


We cannot use a Manual Action Item type in the process because that would requires us to choose specific users or groups. Our goal is to determine the "Assignee" dynamically for the manual action item upon the creation or update of a custom sub-object of the Investment object.


Thanks in Advance