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Publish Updates To Target

Question asked by satish.kumar.enni on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by gilta03

Hi, I am using GT datamaker 3.8. Just i want to publish updates to target instance(here my instance is oracle db). For example my table is 'employee' where it contains columns EmpNo & EmpName and i have applied nextval function to EmpNo column so i can preview the data in data definition window and it is fine now i want to publish these updates to target(target already had set of records)  i am getting the message dialog box "This is not a Data only Data Pool and possibly there would be no updates to publish. Would you like to proceed?"  so i am proceeding further step by clicking "Yes" and ends with 0 rows updated.

I have tried:

1. I have changed Data only data pool from drop down, but when i chose data only data pool it was giving the value of column(@nextval(temp,4444444)@)) instead of (4444444 which is actual resultant of my function) so data only data pool will not work for my scenario

2. I have added unique key constraint on ENO column at db level, but this is not recommened, However it doesnt worked


Can CA grid data maker have the capability to push the updates onto unique constraint column


To conclude my issue: i want to update data where the db column is unique constraint.