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Change Web Service Availability to all users

Question asked by DivyaA on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Louis_van_Amelsfort

Dear team,


We are trying to make Web service API's available to all users using Service Catalog. We require this as part of integration with another tool.

Recently we have upgraded to 14.1 of Service Catalog.


Below are the steps suggested to make web services available to all in Service Catalog 12.7.

1) Login to the 'CA Service Catalog' application instance in EEM

2) Select 'Manage Access Policies' tab

3) Search for 'ACL_requestmanager' policy

> Enter it in the 'Name' field and click Go

4) Open the policy by clicking on it

(i.e. ACL_requestmanager for Request Manager role in catalog)


(i.e. ACL_catalogenduser for Catalog User role in catalog)

5) Under 'Add resource' enter ‘usm_webservice__all’ and select the plus icon

6) Save your changes.

7) Recycle the 'Catalog service'


In 14.1, the 'ACL_requestmanager' and 'ACL_catalogenduser' policy has been renamed to 'ACL_requestmanager_guinode' and 'ACL_catalogenduser_guinode'. However, we are not able to find the resource, "usm_webservice__all"


Please suggest if the name has been changed for that also or if there are any additional steps to be followed to make Web services available Request Manager and Catalog Users.


Thank you,

Divya Arunachalam